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URGS mailbox comes in 2 flavours; a base version URGS Mailbox and the enhanced version URGS Mailbox 5 which is available ONLY to the Innovation Team.

URGS Mailbox 5 is a collaborative innovative solution to assist Utility Companies in their endeavour to improve administrative processes.

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What's New?

URGS Mailbox 5

URGS Mailbox IV

MAY 2016

URGS Mailbox 4 has been relased. 

MAY 2016

Security enhancements have been added to URGS Mailbox IV.

MAY 2016

URGS Mailbox backend has been updated with technology changes

 Click here to access URGS Mailbox 5.

Only Utility Companies that are members of the Innovation Team are eligible to access the collaborative version:
URGS Mailbox 5.

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Click here to access the base version of
URGS Mailbox 4.

All Utility Companies can access
URGS Mailbox.

Mailbox backend and securty has been and will coninutally enhanced.

 Read more enhancements for Mailbox 5   Access URGS Mailbox 5   Access Base URGS Mailbox 4