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Latest Updates - May 2016

URGS Mailbox 3 relabeled to URGS mailbox 4

Updated backend technology to improve performance in URGS Mailbox 4

Updated URGS Mailbox 4 UI technology to support the MS Edge browser and Windows 10. 

Enhanced Security in URGS mailbox 4 

Coming up new innovative Features

Estimated Timeline

Design & Develop new User Interface layout to accommodate new innovative solutions.

- User Friendly

- Latest look and feel

- Smoother interface

- Enhanced search

- Backward compatibility

- Filtering capabilities

NOV 2016

An updated version of the new user interface layout for review by the innovation team.

NOV 2016

Implemention electronic Utility Company grants payment reports into URGS Mailbox.


Other future feature innovations

Application Program Interface (API)

This is allows the Utility Companies to interface their application with URGS Mailbox. So that data can the transferred both ways.

EIS Australia will develop, provide support and maintain the API for the Utility Companies and also support the development by the Utility Companies IT of the integration within the Utility Companies Systems of the Mailbox API.


Direct Connection

EIS Australia can integrate the Utility Companies Application directly into URGS mailbox. This could be added to the Utility Companies applications or at Mailboxes end.

EIS Australia would need to perform the integration development on The Utility Companies Systems and Mailbox. Any additional work by the Utility Companies end will be charged for unless otherwise agreed.


Data Transfer

EIS Australia can develop an enhanced transfer of applications with results that allows a user to visual view and address issues in bulk on the screen during the data transfer process. Results of this transfer then would be produced to allow the Utility Company user to import them back into the Utility Systems.

Utility Company IT would need to develop the extraction from their systems. EIS Australia will develop, provide support and maintain the data transfer into Mailbox and out of mailbox and standard reporting.


Data Extraction

EIS Australia will develop a user interface that allows users to extract select data and export it into Excel or CSV file format. This will allow users to be able to alter or report on the data or allow the Utility Companies IT to develop import processes into the Utility Systems. This option excludes any API interfaces, direction connections or data transfer and standard reporting.


Enhancements to back end databases


Single entry of personal details for Gas & Electricity to reduce duplication of entry.


Status box for date of status including date received, declined, etc…


Receive Reports Electronically


Cancellation Notifications


Online Form Options, example; pending forms, cancellation forms


Create an information hub in mailbox

  • Regulation changes and updates
  • application processing
  • expanded hardship information

Accessible and usable from all mobile technology

  • iPad & iPhone
  • Android tablets and phone
  • Windows tablets and phone

Editable billing history


Name & CRM number lookup/search


Enhanced searching for names, addresses, number, etc…


Filtering of applications

  • by Status
  • by Date
  • by Energy Type
  • Etc…

Quick address search (quick search bar)


Update on address automation (Australia post, new roads, etc...)

This is automated address checking with Australia post to verify the address being entered into mailbox.


Consent from customers to send filled in application out to reduce cancellation rates.

This will be a marked in mailbox that the Utility company has obtained consent and other information to prove it.


Modernise mailbox interface


Reduce duplication of data entry


Improve performance


Expand URGS Mailbox to have additional information about the Utility Companies customer applications


Regular review follow ups of forms, lodge when customer sends back forms.

A scheduler/tasks/follow ups will be added to URGS Mailbox to allow the user to be prompted to follow up with the customer.


More user friendly screen


Reduce duplication of data entry


One stop shop mailbox - reports, expanded information, updates, info hub.


Add statistical reports into mailbox for managers to use


Add payment reports into mailbox for finance to use


Add ability to select own data to report on

This will need to be a reporting module that will need to be added into URGS Mailbox for users to create their own reports.


Attach files and documents to URGS Mailbox applications

This would be file and document management.


Additional administration information section

The ability for Utility companies to add new utility users into Mailbox and who from the Utility Company is logged on.


URGS Mailbox Information and shortcut Dashboard


Integration with billing system information


Notification panels.

To allow the Utility Company to send notifications about an application to DHS and also for DHS to send notification to Utility Companies.

This will require a centralised notification area and per application specific notification areas.

Also notifications can be sent via email and SMS to the Utility Companies Customers.


Real-time status updates of progress of applications


Mailbox - Section for weekly reports

  • Expansions
  • Information
  • News Letters
  • Changes, Benefits
  • Communications
  • Hub
  • Online collaboration
  • What's On
  • Regulations Update
  • Potential

Email status reports rather than post


SMS reminders to customers that URGS forms are due


Email reminders to customers that URGS forms are due


Reminder at logout - You have not submitted this application do you want to submit now.


Add box to Mailbox to ask for consent from Utility Customer for Utility to speak with URGS department re: reason for pending / declined


More automation - particularly in regards to return of status info.


Drop down boxes for criteria and changes to comments field


Regular review, follow up of forms, lodge when a customer sends back forms. Ability to send a Text messages


Application payments information online in Mailbox


All forms and data online in Mailbox


Mobile technology

Designed to operate on a range of mobile technology devices, example smartphones, iPad, tablets, etc…


Online communication possibilities

Live communication updates regarding the applications and potential for a live online chat facility with the Utility customers.


Online discussion area developed (online hub) for utility mailbox users to allow them to enable new innovations (wish list items), incremental improvements to be considered, collaborate with others in other aspects for URGS for support and discussion from other utility companies for opinions and help.


To maintain an up to date mailbox system utilities companies contribute by providing requests and follow-up feedback on discussion tab on online hub